Friday, December 14, 2012

iphone dump

I feel like I don't ever REALLY blog anymore, and it's kindof sad, because so much happens that I want to keep a record of, and this is really the best way.  So here's a little bit of what has happened in our lives in the last few months via iPhone.

Luke turned 2 in August and just has personality up the WALL!  He is so super funny, and just has the most expressions you've ever seen on a kid.  Those eyebrows could kill!
I call this one, "Captain Bossypants"  He's telling Roxy to sit down!

Speaking of Roxy, she had 2 cysts on her side.  It wouldn't have been a big deal to keep them there, but the one on top burst last spring, and would never completely heal.  It would scab over, but wouldn't go away, and it was bugging her and kinda gross, so we were really fortunate to find a vet that was in our ward that was able to help us out financially for some landscaping trade work.  So, now Roxy has a Frankenscar on her side!  Once her hair completely grows back, it shouldn't be too noticeable though!

He likes Daddy :)

We've needed more dresser space in our room for a while now, so Shaun bought me a dresser to refinish.  I finally finished it with some Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and lightly distressed it to match my nightstands and other dresser.  I love how it turned out, and I love all the fun little knobs on it!

Hanging out outside our house with our next door neighbors.  Shaun and Billy actually went to high school together and were the first graduating class of Rocklin back in 1997!

Carter is learning a lot in first grade and is really starting to like to read!  He's pretty good about doing his homework right after school and his snack.  I don't have to help him with much, just mostly reading the directions every once in a while, and timing him or giving him a spelling test.
Such a smart little dude!

Grace turned 8 in September and was baptized in October!

We took the boys to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch in October and let them go on a pony ride.  Luke liked it for the first minute, and then hated it for the last four!

Luke would love to be potty-trained.  I, on the other hand, am not quite ready for it!

Got our school pictures back.  Cutest boy ever!  I love his funny little chipmunk smile!

Rene got 2 new English Bulldog puppies.  She lives in San Jose now, so I can't just run over to see them like I'd like to.  So, next best thing.  FaceTime.  This is Frankie, Guido is in the background.

After a very long few months of trying to buy this house that we've been living in, a lot of ups and downs and uncertainty, and having no car for me to drive, we FINALLY closed on the house!  It was a very exciting day for us.  We plan on being here for many many many years!  Such a huge relief!

Another one of the reasons we love living here, is that there are some GREAT kids on the street to play with.  This is Carter's buddy Frank.  Frank is an awesome little kid, and I couldn't really ask for a better kid for Carter to hang out with!

We FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY finished soccer season!  Haha!  It lasts so long!  
Our team was... well...  not so great, to say the least!
They didn't win one game!  And I think we only scored maybe 2 or 3 goals the whole season.  It didn't help that EVERY other team was about a foot taller than each of them, and most of our kids had never played before...
  But, I can guarantee, that no other team had as much heart as these guys.  Seriously.  They just loved being out there and learning about how to play.  It was hard on them never winning, but they got a lot better by the end of the season, and on their second to last game, they tied 1-1 to a pretty hard team, so there was definitely a lot of improvement!
Here's Carter receiving his trophy from Coach Jenn

Their last game.  It was very rainy and cold and muddy and miserable.  But they kept on going!

I love this picture so much.  He was so proud of his trophy!

Thanksgiving was nice.  It was just Kyle and Tiffany's family that were there.  I like when it's a little cozier and not so super crazy.  

I don't know what this picture is, but it makes me laugh!

Painting painting, painting!  Isn't he awesome for doing that??!  This picture really does not justice to how high it actually was...

Mama came out to visit a couple weeks ago before she leaves on her mission.  It was really nice to spend a little one-on-one time with her, since I know Christmastime will be crazy with all the family around.  It rained cats and dogs the ENTIRE time she was here, so we didn't really get to go out and do too much, just enjoyed each other and the kids and made some yummy salsa!  
It's my favorite, I do not like ANY other salsa!  I'm a salsa snob now...

This is just Luke being funny with Roxy.  He likes her a lot.  Every day.

We put up the Christmas tree while Mom was here.  Its weird putting up decorations in a new house.  Nothing has it's own place like it did before, and I am missing a LOT of counter/mantle/table space that I had in the old house.  So I don't have as much area to put my stuff.  Oh well.  Eventually things will find their own place again.

While mom was here, I also put a nice new rivet in the grass for Shaun.  I'm a good driver.

My girlfriend.

I kinda want to die laughing at this picture!  This was right after we dropped Grandma DeeAnn off at the airport to go home.  He was really really insanely irately upset about it!  Haha!  His face...!
We sure love our Grandma DeeAnn!

After the airport, I took him to Ikea, since we were close.  He cheered up after an ice cream cone and insisted I buy him a stuffed elephant also.  He owns me.

Then, yesterday, 12-12-12, my cute niece, Cami, got her mission call to Peru, Lima mission!  She leaves April 10th.  *sigh*  I really wish people would quit leaving me.

I just love this picture of my Agle Family.  Modern Technology is pretty cool.

Well, that's all for now.  Til next time...

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